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University of California, Irvine


I design

Graphic design

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Python · C++

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2017.1 to 2017.2

UI & Front-End Web Dev at Kunvet

I designed and made all the pages of this website, including a whole series of innovative UI components: integrated input box, submit button that can show error message elegantly, a combination of dropdown menu and checkbox, etc.

2016.12 to 2017.1

Front-End Web Dev at Panda Crusader

Panda Crusader is a club in UCI which hold tournaments of video games. I helped with building its official website as well as some pages for special events.

2016.8 to 2016.9

Front-End Web Dev at TEDxMapleLeaf

I made the page introducing TEDx events held in Maple Leaf schools in China, according to a guideline provided.

2016.6 to 2016.7

UI & Front-End Web Dev at CorpsX

I designed and made the page introducing an offline event held by this company. There are two best parts in this project that I want to highlight. One is the combination of a decorative mountain and the map indicating the location of the event, on the bottom of the page. Another is the fusion of menu button and back-to-top button on mobile view. By working on this project I learnt a lot about optimizing webpages for devices with different sizes of screen.

I've been knowing nothing about coding until I finished my second year of senior high school. Before that I used to be a dreamer — conceiving online services but never knew the way of working them out. I used to ask my friends to write code for me but gradually I realized that I cannot depend too much on them: I have to craft things myself. So I started to learn coding and now I'm confident to say that I'm experienced in coding, UI designing, UX designing, and nearly everything else about making great online products.

Am I perfect? Just say NO!

I used to start a project and screwed everything up. Read more

When I was in the first year of my high school, I started to have an idea of making some online products that change the life of people around me. I was learning English at that time and one thing I had to do is to study vocabularies. People who ever learned English as a second language know how hard it is to memorize tons of English words. Fortunately, an instructor told me that English words could be split into prefixes, roots, and suffixes, which helps people to study them faster. Then I just got the idea of building a tool that displays "split" words to its users: to make everything vivid.

I did some drafting on paper and then found someone online who could code it for me. I knew nothing about coding at that time so that's the only thing I could do to get my dream realized. I even paid that guy some money. The first version looked like this:


Basically, the user searches a word using the input box on the top-left corner and the search results will be listed below. Then the user clicks on one of the results. The visualized word will be displayed on the right, with Chinese explanations on each section (not displayed here).

Everything looks perfect! It would be great if this tool got popularized among students. However, there is still a huge amount of work that I haven't done yet: to build the content.

I made an underestimation at that time. I thought I could just input everything manually but as soon as I started working I began to realize the difficulty of maintaining a high quality and quantity of the data for this product. I gave up.

Anything I learned from that? Sure. I used to hold the idea that I could work everything out just by myself. But after the failure of this product I started to make a great transition, which I think is one of the most important decisions I have made in my life: Accept Group Work.

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